When taking up criminal cases, we base our cooperation with the client on trust. First of all, we want to present how the matter will be perceived by the judge. We reliably present possible scenarios. Thanks to this you know what to expect and you will not be surprised by the result of the case.

We care about ensuring the actual and effective rights of defense throughout the proceedings when representing clients in criminal matters. In the area of this specialization, we act on behalf of our clients most often as a defender or proxy of an auxiliary prosecutor.

We represent clients at all stages of the proceedings:
– detention and temporary detention

- pre-trial investigation (investigation or investigation)

- legal proceedings

– executive proceedings

Our law office in Warsaw also helps with misdemeanor and fiscal matters. We provide support by providing legal advice (both to the accused and the aggrieved party) and representation before law enforcement agencies and the court. We prepare a defense line, formulate requests for evidence and appeals, appeals or other necessary letters in the course of the proceedings.

Due to the specificity of the criminal proceedings, we remain at your disposal also outside the working hours of the law office. It should be remembered that early action by a lawyer allows building a coherent and consistent line of defense. We will all we can to provide the client with effective help in the difficult situation in which he found himself.

If you need our help, please contact us.